Guard's Discord - Rules

Last modified 2 years, 237 days ago

Latest version of these rules is available on the Discord server itself in the #rules channel.

  1. Do NOT post links to pirated software. You can discuss the topic of piracy, but do NOT link to illegal downloads.
  2. Keep self-advertising to a minimum. It’s fine to share your projects, but do not mention them constantly.
  3. NO copypasta.
  4. Use the appropriate channel for your content.
  5. Racism, sexism, or other forms of discrimination or bigotry is NOT tolerated.
  6. Refrain from provoking argument with no constructive purpose.
  7. You can change your nickname, but your name MUST NOT violate any of the above rules.

Rules may be added or modified as needed, obviously. And finally, if you are causing significant annoyance to several members (especially if they are friends of mine), I may ban you.

If you have issue with any of these rules, feel free to contact me or consult this comic.

Originally published January 09, 2018