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You know, sharing cool stuff I’ve made.

  • GitHub - Source code hosting!
  • OneHourGameJam - A weekly game jam with an extreme limit of 1 hour to build from scratch. I’d attempted 2 of these, and even completed one! :D
  • SketchFab - Sharing 3D models, I mostly use it for StarMade designs.
  • Ludum Dare - A website all about 48-hour game jams. There’s also this page with my games on there.

Social / Sharing

  • Keybase - Identity verification & encrypted chat / file serving/sharing service.
  • - For sharing what you’re listening to I think? Don’t use it much anymore.
  • - A social media site for gamers. I was really into it a while back but haven’t used it in a while.


  • World of Trucks - For Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator’s online contracts and stuff.
  • Galcon - A simple strategy game about taking over many worlds.
  • DigitalOcean* - A virtual private server host (and where this website is hosted!)
  • RescueTime* - A time-tracking utility so you can see whether or not you’re effectively wasting time. (Note: Not sure if I will continue to use it or replace it with my own thing or what.)

* These are referral links.

Originally published January 05, 2018