Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

  1. How can I contact you?
    Contact info is listed here.
  2. Why is your name Guard13007?
    See this Twitter conversation.
  3. What about that GDPR stuff? I’m surprised you care, here it is.

YouTube Questions

  1. What are your computer’s specs?
  2. When is the next Plane Reviews episode?
    When I have the time and desire to make it. It takes several hours to make each one, and I don’t have a solid chunk of time for that as often as I used to.
  3. What KSP mods are you using?
    The list can change often, but most of the mods I use are on this list. If the mod isn’t listed or in the description of a video, feel free to ask about it!
  4. How do I send you a KSP plane?
    You need to upload your craft to a file sharing website (I recommend KerbalX), and then submit at least your name/username and a link to the craft here. If you register an account on my website and log into it (look at the bottom of any page), you will be able to edit your submissions.
  5. Can I use (mods / X mod) on a craft I submit to you?
    As long as you tell me what mods are used, and I can get ahold of them, I don’t care. The more mods you use though, the more likely I will delay your craft, as mods make it harder to make episodes.
  6. Can I submit crafts that aren’t planes?
  7. Why haven’t you reviewed my plane yet?
    I pick randomly from the planes that have been sent to me, because I receive so many, and people tend to send several designs at once. I also delay designs that I have recently covered. However, when I get a lot of a particular replica submitted, I will often do an episode of all the same replica from different people (and I post about it here beforehand!). This means it could be anywhere from immediately after to submit to .. never. I’m sorry about that, but I’m only one person with limited time.
  8. Did you get my email? Why didn’t you reply to my email?
    Assuming you sent it to the right address… Yes. I often don’t have time to reply to emails.
  9. Why didn’t you reply to my comment?
    The biggest reason is probably a lack of time. It also may be because I don’t think there is anything to be gained by my reply. I don’t answer things that are answered in the video, can be easily searched, or when people ask things in a rude manner (e.g. in all caps).
  10. Do you have the Normandy mod? / Can I get the Normandy mod?
    Nope, I don’t have it. That video is so many years old.
  11. Why do you say “Kerbal Space-gram”?
    I say “pro” very quiet and fast. In combination with the bassy sound of “pro” and my post-processing to remove background noise (which is also bassy), this makes the “pro” usually inaudible. If you look at the waveforms though, you can see it’s there.

My Question Isn’t Here!

Feel free to contact me and ask!

Originally published January 05, 2018