Submitted Craft

TempestSpacecraftXreviewedWatch on YouTube
Turbo Tempest (Improved Design)SpacecraftXreviewedWatch on YouTube
SAAB 29 Tunnan (SAAB 29 the flying barrel)martin3148SwerejectedBugged out when I attempted to review it.
MI Volucris XXV - CNmacawCPpending
MI Viatori XI xHmacawCPpending
MI Ignis 3macawCPpending
MI Ignis 2macawCPpending
MI Ignis 1macawCPpending
Su-35BatteriiidelayedCommon design.
Trekpaard HeavySighahnydepending
nuclear bomber 901brhodesreviewedWatch on YouTube
helicopter 401brhodesreviewedWatch on YouTube
bomber 301brhodesreviewedWatch on YouTube
armored plane 30mm cannons01brhodesreviewedWatch on YouTube
AC-130-MK201brhodesreviewedWatch on YouTube
ssto 901brhodesreviewedWatch on YouTube
icbm 101brhodespending
Kerssalt KN-2 NomadHeliospherepending