Submitted Craft

F-4 phantomboomchaclereviewedWatch on YouTube
F-35 Lightning IIChippyreviewedWatch on YouTube
F-4E-Mk13WaltmsreviewedWatch on YouTube
GA-55Thunder8778reviewedWatch on YouTube
F-16 SulaimandelayedCommon design.
Mig-29SuliamandelayedCommon design.
F-22 Raptor SulaimanreviewedWatch on YouTube
pak fainfinax gamingreviewedWatch on YouTube
Su-25 FrogfootSulaimanreviewedWatch on YouTube
Aircraft Carrier mk1 with Ikuchi BDAGethDreadnoughtreviewedWatch on YouTube
F-4/Saber w/Missilesricks_the_manreviewedWatch on YouTube
SAAB 37 Viggenmartin3148Swepending
AMF-27 REAPERAlphaSteppending
AMF-17 DESTERIAAlphaSteppending(The picture field is for an image URL.)
Mini FighterSnakeJ419pending
SAAB 29 Tunnan (SAAB 29 the flying barrel)martin3148SwerejectedBugged out when I attempted to review it.
MI Volucris XXV - CNmacawCPpending
MI Ignis 2macawCPpending
MI Ignis 1macawCPpending