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F-4 phantomboomchaclereviewedWatch on YouTube
LX-9 MedusozoaGatrnerdreviewedWatch on YouTube
F-35 Lightning IIChippyreviewedWatch on YouTube
F-35BSulaimandelayedJust recorded an episode with a similar design.
F-15 Carpenter BeeFlerbnertzreviewedWatch on YouTube
F-4E-Mk13WaltmsreviewedWatch on YouTube
A-10 ThunderboltSuperGidonreviewedWatch on YouTube
Turbocopter XR-3Pds314reviewedWatch on YouTube
GA-55Thunder8778reviewedWatch on YouTube
sideways sallysighthoughreviewedWatch on YouTube
phoenixPhoenixPlaysGamesreviewedWatch on YouTube
F-16 SulaimandelayedCommon design.
Mig-29SuliamandelayedCommon design.
F-22 Raptor SulaimanreviewedWatch on YouTube
pak fainfinax gamingreviewedWatch on YouTube
Su-25 FrogfootSulaimanreviewedWatch on YouTube
Mark 26epicman352reviewedWatch on YouTube
P-10epicman352reviewedWatch on YouTube
Aircraft Carrier mk1 with Ikuchi BDAGethDreadnoughtreviewedWatch on YouTube

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