A Whole New Worl- I mean, look!

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So this website really needed some love, a redesign, etc. And as you might’ve noticed, it has that! (At least, some of it, a lot of pages are works in progress or placeholders, and things like the game keys pages and John aren’t really updated.)

There’s actually a whole other section that will be added once I get around to finalizing how I’m going to implement it (and the blog as its own thing, rather than this ‘all posts’ blog, will be coming back). Essentially, I sat down and realized my site needed a cleaner look, a responsive design for mobile/tablets, and needed to be organized more professionally.

Also, I have different distinct categories of things, even though they’re all related in some way:

I decided I also wanted something to encourage me to update my website more often, hence, these posts. I thought it would be nice to have a central “content” format that I could use to quickly write up pages on here, and since it would be content instead of code, I could also have the code for the front page dynamically show the latest and greatest (that part isn’t here yet, but bare bear(?) with me).

Right now, I have a wonderful tagging system ready to go (although not fully implemented), both for these posts and KSP crafts (for example, here are replicas (not complete)), and a new look that is easier to work with and prettier to look at. I still want to implement categories, and have a lot of cleaning up to do (especially around the YouTube pages), but the framework is here.

Speaking of frameworks, I’m using a new one called Bulma. Previously I had been using Pure CSS, which suited my minimalistic approach to things well… right up until I wanted to do more than the basics. Bulma is a more fully-fledged framework, based on nesting different concepts and with a mobile-first attidue (I’m sorry, responsive). It was just as frustrating as anything else using CSS to start with, but I got used to it pretty quickly, the only downside being that it does make the markup bulkier. :/

But, in this day and age, my site’s “bulkiness” is still lightweight compared to even the “initiatives” being touted as a way to cut back on how much bandwidth is wasted on websites these days. I mean, hell, newspaper sites with less design than this place still manage to hog more bandwidth.

Other than those things, not much new yet, but I’m hoping to have this place end up really spiffy (at least in terms of organization, not necessarily much prettier) soonTM.

Originally published January 11, 2018

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