Abandoning NextCloud.. For now

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So, long story short, NextCloud served my needs okayly for its brief lifetime on my first VPS. My big complaints may have more to do with the Android applications I was using alongside than NextCloud itself, which were primarily that things I set up to sync weren’t actually syncing. I haven’t lost any data to this because I haven’t wiped an Android device since, but a lot of stuff I wanted to use NextCloud to back up.. I can’t rely on.

When I switched to the 2nd one…well it turns out copying data from a server to another is complicated. It also breaks any sync stuff that was set up and working. I found various conflicting instruction, eventually ended up with something that worked as far as the web interface, but even with resetting other devices and whatnot, never worked for anything else…

As I don’t have a lot of spare harddrive space on my VPS to begin with, I’ve decided to abandon NextCloud for now, and just use MEGA and Dropbox to sync. (I’m actually only going to use MEGA most likely, as Dropbox has always been a bit of a pain for various reasons, while MEGA has stayed true and to the point.)

In other news, I have not been coding for far too long (like a couple weeks?) and it is beginning to wear on me. I’m also acutely aware of how much I want to learn a few new techniques/technologies that should help me stop myself from head-butting walls of difficulty repeatedly like I’ve felt like I’ve been doing for a little while.

I also feel like I haven’t done any video content in forever, because I have had a very busy vacation the past few days in particular. I’m not too worried about this, although I do need to finish prepping this week’s video. I have a lot more to make and edit and share, both there and here.. and in code.. and EVERYWHERE. Too many ideas, never enough time…

Originally published June 08, 2018

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