American Truck speed limiter shenanigans

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Kind of a random short topic here today, but I was playing American Truck Simulator and I noticed I couldn't go over 65 mph even though I have the setting that causes this turned off. Turns out that when you are taking a contract for World of Trucks (the online component of ATS), the speed limiter setting is active regardless.

"Why does this setting even exist?" you may wonder. First, remember that before American Truck Simulator, there was (and is!) Euro Truck Simulator (and ETS 2). In Europe, there's a law that requires trucks to be fitted with a throttle limiter to prevent trucks from accelerating over a certain speed (I've heard it's 90 kph, but I'm not certain about that, as I've heard other values too). In ETS 2 this was implemented, and then made optional for the player, so you can speed if you want to.

So when it came to making ATS, they left the option available (and checked by default) even though trucks in America don't have this feature. And for some reason (my only guess being some sort of anti-cheat checking), they made it so that this setting gets stuck on for World of Trucks missions. :/

Originally published October 25, 2016

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