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So I’m looking to get back into StarMade. The big reason I left is that I felt betrayed by the introduction of a new power system and how difficult it would make upgrading my designs. I didn’t want to build anything because I’d just have to destroy it and rebuild for the new system.

Now that the new power system is stable enough to actually work with, I’m coming back, but they’re now talking about how weapons will be redesigned next. I almost wanted to quit before I even started because any and all weapons designs I make will be invalidated.. but you know what, this has been true from the beginning, and I previously accepted it just fine.

I think the big difference with the power redesign is that previously, my designs squished as much as possible into as many tiny corners and openings in a ship. It was all about maximizing density under the assumption that a maximized density would increase efficiency. This is somewhat true, but is it worth the cost of a design becoming invalidated by mechanical changes to the game? Not really.

And that’s the big difference I realized in how I need to approach designs this time around. It’s not about trying to squeeze something into every last block to get the “better” efficiency, but to design something where the core systems can be easily reconfigured or swapped out. To make designs that are intended to be maintained for compatibility with future updates.

It may be a silly concept, but is revolutionary to me at this time. o.o

Originally published February 24, 2018

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