How I'm making FiveReborn work

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First of all, if you don't know, FiveReborn is a mod for GTA V that allows multiplayer with mods, and allows you to host your own servers. It also installs completely separate from your GTA V install, so you don't have to worry about accidentally loading mods on Rockstar's servers and getting banned.

I'm planning on running events where we play and record episodes of "SAPDFR", a concept I first learned of from Bay Area Buggs. To facilitate this, I'll be running my own FiveReborn server.


1. Download the client. Put it in its own folder. 2. Run it! It will ask you a few questions, including where GTA V is installed, then it will copy and download files it needs, and set everything up. 3. Make a folder called plugins in there, and put any .asi ScriptHookV mods in there. Most of them also come with .ini files that have settings for the mod. One oddity is EnhancedReborn (a trainer I use), which asks for its settings (a file called er-config.xml) to be in the root directory of FiveReborn. 4. Want to use ScriptHookVDotNet mods? This is a pretty good tutorial, except, please use a decent file archiver, like 7-zip. Make sure you have .NET installed (I think you need this but I'm not sure). * I also recommend using symbolic links instead of copying the scripts folder into your GTA V install, but this is a little more advanced so I'll forgive you if you don't want to do it.

Mods I'm Using

  1. Trucking Missions, with these two missions packs: 1, 2
  2. (For your convienence, here's my custom XML.)
  3. Player Location Display
  4. EnhancedReborn (and Simple Trainer)
  5. Alfredo Helper (requires ScriptHookVDotNet)


If you're having trouble getting FiveReborn to work, try these steps in the following order:

  1. Do not move your mouse until 10 seconds after the server list has loaded. Do not push any keys either.
  2. Install this.
  3. Set FiveReborn.exe to run in compatibility mode for Windows 8.
  4. Try compatibility mode for Windows 7.
  5. Try running as administrator without compatibility mode.
  6. Try running as administrator with Windows 8 compatibility mode. (Then try win7 compatibility.)
  7. Try running without ScriptHookVDotNet. It means you won't get as many fun mods, but at least it is more likely to run.


The instructions aren't too difficult, but here's my own little setup:

  1. Download the server.
  2. Extract it, copy everything except run.bat into the bin folder. (I'm going to be running it on a cheap Linux VPS.)
  3. Edit bin/citmp-server.yml to set the name for my server, change the default password... (Optionally, specify a custom map. That part is a little more complicated but not *too difficult. Maybe I'll make another post about it.*)
  4. Zip it all back up and put that in a safe location for me to download it again when I need it.
  5. Finally, I made myself a script to download it and run it: #!/bin/bash apt-get update apt-get upgrade -y apt-get install wget mono-complete screen unzip -y wget [DOWNLOAD] # of course, where I put my custom stuff ;) unzip # or whatever filename you use cd bin screen mono CitizenMP.Server.exe
  6. And of course, all that's left is to make an Ubuntu 16.04 droplet on DigitalOcean (yes, that's a referral link, you get $10 credit, I get $25 if you ever spend $25), and run that script.

Originally published September 05, 2016

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