I made an autoloader

Last modified 2 years, 340 days ago

I wrote a post about needing to make a service locator for my web development projects. In the process of making it, I’ve made something that is a combination of service locator and the “autoloader” utility function from Lapis. I seem to be using that “feature” more so far, but I’m also still doing a lot of work on both the service locator and the project.

You won’t see the project or the changes made to the stuff I host on lazuscripts for a little while, but you can see my slightly broken v1 of the servie locator here. Right now, I am about to be looking for work (as in, to get paid, rather than just my own projects) so I won’t be able to work on it for a little while, but I’m hoping to finish and publish this stuff soon so I can re-organize this website and get to work finishing up the new design.

Originally published February 14, 2018

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