JavaScript Gravity Simulator

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A simple 2D n-body gravitation simulation, with delusions of turning into a game. There’s also an old YouTube playlist.

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This is a very old project of mine. This and other versions of it are on my Gogs server under an organization called “obsession”. Why? Because this is the first graphical “game” I started working on, years and years ago, and it’s been my obsession that I return to from time to time since then.

I still lack the skills to complete it, but every time I attempt it again, I learn more, and try out new things. Someday it may even be completed. Here we have version 0.1.0 based in JavaScript to play in the browser, when I didn’t know anything about trigonometry and had to find a clever way to simulate gravity because of it.

Originally published March 30, 2018

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