Moving hosts!

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Yep! I knew this was coming but never talked about it. I was hosting my website on Linode because I got free credit with them. However their cheapest server is $10 a month, while DigitalOcean has one that suits my needs for this site with $5 a month. (Additionally, the specs on Linode's $10 server aren't as good as DigitalOcean's $10 server.. Sorry guys.)

So what does this mean? It means right now I am exporting databases that run this website (and the others on the same virtual server), and setting up a fresh installation. The site may go down for a bit during the transition. Well, it definitely will. Hopefully that doesn't bother anyone too much. Next time if I have to do this again, I'll be a bit more professional about it.

Originally published January 26, 2017

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