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All these posts now have links between them (well, except those that are intended to be stand-alone pages). In the future, this will be more complex and vary depending on which part of the site the post is served from (tl;dr: I intend to make lots of things organized by post).

Additionally, craft submissions have the same previous/next links! :D

Also made my admin panel for viewing users prettier:

Screenshot of users list table

Normally I wouldn’t share a screenshot like this because of sensitive data, but in this case, since emails were only recently added as a thing that can even exist, I’m not worried about leaking private information. User names are public when someone submits a craft, and IDs can’t really be used for anything by non-administrators (although, I guess you can see the order of sign-ups, but who cares?).

Originally published February 23, 2018

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