Original Transport Design

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I made a transport design in StarMade called the I-Beam Transport Mk1. It's based on the idea of having standardized cargo pods and a small transport vessel to carry several of them at once. It was originally a much different design:

Original design of the I-Beam Transport

Yes, I do my design work in MS Paint. Because I am a loser. :P

In any case, you can see I originally planned something much sleeker. But after I ran into difficulty fitting an interior and systems in such an odd shape, while maintaining access to the cargo pods (the original plan was a full complete interior access between all systems), I decided to try to find a simpler design, a more compact design.

Then I somehow ended up with something that looks like an I-Beam, and now it has a name. You can also check out a 3D model of it online, thanks to Sketchfab.

Originally published August 18, 2017

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