SAPDFR Rules (draft 1)

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These are the rules I will be using when I host an event based on playing SAPDFR. Some modifications may be made later (hence, draft 1).

  1. First of all, everyone should have Never Wanted enabled in a trainer. I recommend Enhanced Reborn.
  2. Otherwise, there's not much more to say at the moment. It should become fairly obvious if you watch some of the videos here or play with us.


  1. Weapons: For the most part, only use flashlists, nightsticks, tasers, combat pistols, pump shotguns, and carbine rifles. There may be small exceptions to this from time to time if it fits in with the role play.
  2. Vehicles: Use a police vehicle. Upgrades are okay, but not recommended, and using bulletproof tires is a big no-no. Customizations to the horn and color of the vehicle are not good (except of course, re-coloring the unmarked vehicles).
  3. Try to act like a real officer. Don't shoot from your car, don't run over people, don't drive dangerously (unless in a chase, even then, your goal is not to cause damage).
  4. It's okay if you don't know them, but try to know some terminology, for example:
  5. "Unit ### is 10-8" means that unit is available for calls.
  6. "Code 3" is responding with sirens, "Code 2" is responding without. "Code 4" is no assistance required.
  7. A "1055" is a person that appears to be driving under the influence / driving while intoxicated.


  1. Have the map on and whatever other aids you want on, except:
  2. No invincibility or invisibility.
  3. Try to be believable with your vehicles/weapons (you probably shouldn't be in a Kuruma with a rocket launcher).
  4. Please don't use bulletproof tires. (This is okay occasionally.)
  5. Your goal is to do something illegal and get noticed by officers.
  6. Remember, the goal is to role play and have a fun experience, not just try to get away with crime.

Originally published September 07, 2016

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