Site Downtime / Cleaning My Domain

Last modified 2 years, 261 days ago

Recently, I’ve been working on a project at (a simple task management application). It is being run on a fresh VPS from DigitalOcean (just like this site, and my other projects are). They updated what you get at the $5 tier since the server hosting this was created, so it’s now running on inferior “hardware”.

Along with this, I have accumulated like 30 subdomains for different projects/servers/games over the years. So today, along with crosses fingers migrating my projects here to another server, I’m deleting a lot of DNS records I wasn’t using anyhow (including a lot pointing to random IP addresses I don’t even control anymore).

So yea, it’s scary, because I have a lot of stuff that could break in the process, but here goes!

Originally published May 04, 2018

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