What do you want in a budget app?

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I've had a problem managing money since I ever had money. I've been trying to get better about it for a couple years now. I bounced between a few different mobile apps, then found YNAB. I like it, but it lacks the ability to be super picky about how I do things, and has trouble changing to meet my changing needs.

After looking for a suitable replacement, I've determined the only real solution is to make my own. And while I'm at it, I should make it as customizable as possible, so anyone can use it however they want to use it. I also figured I might be able to offer this service cheap. (Who wants to pay a lot of money for a tool to keep track of their money?)

I figure I can start charging $2.50 a month for accounts (and/or maybe some free level with some kind of limit), and if I get enough users, drop that to $1 a month..and if somehow I got thousands of users, I could eventually drop it to $1 a year. (Who wouldn't pay $1 a year for good budgeting software?)

So that brings me to the main point of this..what do you want in a budgeting app? I know (loosely) what I want, and the design is open to change and customization, but first, I need to get an idea of what people want.

(On a sidenote, I also found Level Money, which is great if you only have to manage accounts. Unfortunately, I also have to manage cash.)

Originally published September 22, 2016

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