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A little while back, I was prompted while working on my YouTube channel to take a survey. I figured what the hell, let’s see what they’re asking about. Then it turned into an opportunity to rant about the stupidity that has been ever-so-slowly threatening to destroy YouTube. This isn’t the whole thing or all my responses, but there were a few follow-up questions I’d like to share my answers to.

Why is YouTube not the best place for creators?

YouTube’s algorithms flag seemingly random content that does not violate any terms and meets the criteria to be advertiser appropriate. Meanwhile, content that clearly violates these terms maintains listed as advertiser friendly. In addition, YouTube does not verify the credibility of DMCA claims before enacting them, and is not open to their creators, making the environment feel very hostile.

Why does YouTube not provide the best opportunity to make revenue?

Ad rates have dropped sharply over the past couple of years. I previously did make a good amount on YouTube, now it’s so worthless I don’t even count the paltry sums I receive as income. I can’t even file taxes because the monetary value is SO low. Additionally, the recently added limitations in interactivity on videos (removal of annotations) and bad implementation of cards on mobile (they interfere with a video with no way to dismiss them) make it difficult to give a user access to creator content that is not on YouTube.

“Did you know you can get help in the following ways?”

Other: I had someone from YouTube reach out to me briefly, but they have since stopped reaching out.

Is there anything else you want us to know?

YouTube does not clearly communicate ANYTHING to creators, consistently, for years. This is THE SINGLE BIGGEST FLAW WITH YOUTUBE.

Originally published January 10, 2018

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