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SAPDFR Rules (draft 1)

These are the rules I will be using when I host an event based on playing SAPDFR. Some modifications may be made later (hence, draft 1).

  1. First of all, everyone should have Never Wanted enabled in a trainer. I recommend Enhanced Reborn.
  2. Otherwise, there's not much more to say at the moment. It should become fairly obvious if you watch some of the videos here or play with us.

Read More. Published: September 07, 2016.

How I'm making FiveReborn work

First of all, if you don't know, FiveReborn is a mod for GTA V that allows multiplayer with mods, and allows you to host your own servers. It also installs completely separate from your GTA V install, so you don't have to worry about accidentally loading mods on Rockstar's servers and getting banned.

I'm planning on running events where we play and record episodes of "SAPDFR", a concept I first learned of from [Bay Area Buggs](

Read More. Published: September 05, 2016.

KSP Craft Submissions Fixed!

Turns out I had a small bug with the craft submissions where user's weren't getting their IDs attached to an uploaded craft. In addition, several submissions occurred before the user ID stuff or before I fixed this bug meant that there were a lot of craft in the database that people didn't have access to. I've gone through and made sure every submission is properly attached to an account where I could.

Of course, some people have made submissions without an account and some will no doubt cont

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How does this thing work, anyhow?

And by "this thing", I mean my website, not this blog (although, that is part of it).


  1. The core is an Ubuntu server running on Linode at the time of writing.
  2. Then Nginx is used as a proxy for..
  3. OpenResty, which is itself a fork of Nginx bundled with several modules for working on websites using Lua.
  4. The site is built in a framework called Lapis*, which is gr

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Hello, World!

Ooh what's this almost shiny (but not quite) thing here? Why it's a blog! I made myself a micro-blogging thing. So now I can rant here instead of on Tumblr. Or in addition to Tumblr. I don't really use Tumblr to be honest.

If you're just stumbling across my website...well, check out my YouTube instead, as it currently has a lot more on it. Or head over to the KSP crafts that have been submitted here for me to review on m

Read More. Published: September 02, 2016.