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My online profiles/accounts.

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Contact Info

Contact info.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of commonly asked questions.

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In regards to comments

I realize I don't really read them. I will try to keep more on top of them.

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Original Transport Design

I made a transport design in StarMade called the I-Beam Transport Mk1. It's based on the idea of having standardized cargo pods and a small transport vessel to carry several of them at once. It was originally a much different design:

Original design of the I-Beam Transport

Yes, I do my design work in MS Paint. Because I am a loser. :P

In any case, you can see I originally planned somethin

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You should change your password

I’ve been researching security with regards to passwords, and have realized my own efforts here are a little out of date. The algorithm I use for password hashes has been updated, but that doesn’t do anything unless you change your password (you can even “change” it to the same password). Click here to do that.

Note: For those of you who won’t change, or aren’t reading this, or are reading this months later: Your stuff is probably fine, this is an extra

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