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Password Security 2.0

I made a post a while back about how to check if a user’s password is secure from the programmer’s perspective, but looking at it now, I realized I don’t cover a key concept, and I’ve learned about an additional measure that I really should have had on the list.

How to store passwords?

The number 1 most important thing to do is to NEVER store passwords. Instead, you use an algorithm to store a hash generated

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Transparency & Income

Transparency when it comes to governments and businesses essentially means making public information about them available. Advocates for transparency want this so they can understand how things are being done and the overall status of a government/business. This is especially important for governments, as they have a lot of power and a lot of potential for abuse of that power.

In any case, I advocate for transparency, so here's a little of my own. Specifically, I'm going to talk about my inco

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How to Check for Password Security

It's actually not that complicated to do right. But there are a lot of websites that don't do it right.

You see lots of sites banning special characters, requiring an uppercase and lowercase character, and one number, or some variation of that and with more and more specific rules. The problem with these rules is that they make passwords hard for people to remember without really increasing security, punish users using secure passwords that don't happen to quite match the requirements, and le

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Game Keys ... Again!

Well, I already had them on here, but now they're linked to on the main navigation, so I'll probably be bothered by more people.

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Meshes are hard

That's about all I have to say right this moment.

meshed road attempts

Basically, this is a bezier curve, and I have a simple road texture, and I'm trying to generate a mesh going along the curve with the texture applied correctly. I already know what's wrong with the way I'm applying the texture currently, but I need to solve how the mesh is created first. I'm really not sure what the problem is, except that at lower resolutions (like the top middle and

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Server back from dumb error

Dunno when exactly it started, or remember when I fixed it, but I accidentally let the server hosting this website fill up its harddrive..completely. ANYHOW. I fixed it so everything should be fine or mostly fine now. o.o

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