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American Truck speed limiter shenanigans

Kind of a random short topic here today, but I was playing American Truck Simulator and I noticed I couldn't go over 65 mph even though I have the setting that causes this turned off. Turns out that when you are taking a contract for World of Trucks (the online component of ATS), the speed limiter setting is active regardless.

"Why does this setting even exist?" you may wonder. First, remember that before American Truck Simulator, there was (and is!) Euro Truck Simulator (and ETS 2). In Europ

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It's a pretty simple milestone, and probably something I should have had a long time ago, but my website now has links to things. You're probably seeing this now instead of earlier because of that. xD

Welcome YouTub-ians or whatever. People who submitted a plane and then got curious about what else I have. I make games you know, although, I haven't done too much in a while. Been focused on the channel, mental health, and programming a few other things. Which reminds me, I need to work on my p

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Why does that plane have a private video on it?

I've been trying for a long time to have a consistent schedule of YouTube videos. I'm having some success this week (I'm good till Sunday). Unfortunately, one side-effect of this is that there are a few planes I reviewed in an episode coming out tomorrow that I've marked reviewed, and link to the currently private video.

So if you've been seeing that and wondering why, stop looking behind the curtain! Nah, I kid, I kid, but yeah, that's why. They'll be public soon™.

For anyone confus

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XSS Vulnerability Fixed

So an interesting thing about putting JavaScript in a website is that in order to be able to end a script, a </script> must be able to close a <script> tag. What this means is that you can never have a </script> in JavaScript. I forgot about this, and that led to the possibility of injecting JavaScript into anywhere I was using marked via something like </script><script>//your evil code here</script>.

The simple fix for this is to find any instance

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What do you want in a budget app?

I've had a problem managing money since I ever had money. I've been trying to get better about it for a couple years now. I bounced between a few different mobile apps, then found YNAB. I like it, but it lacks the ability to be super picky about how I do things, and has trouble changing to meet my changing needs.

After looking for a suitable replacement, I've determined the only real solution is to make my own. And while I'm at it, I should make it as custom

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KSP 1.2 News!

Pretty self-explanatory title, GO WATCH IT!

(Edit: And now the pre-release is available! :D)

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