Privacy / Data Storage

Last modified 2 years, 275 days ago

With respect to new EU regulations.. there is only one aspect that applies to this site: I do allow people to enter email addresses. So, following this awesome checklist, here is my privacy policy / data protection information:

Personal Information

The only personal information stored on this website is email addresses. These currently serve no function and are optional. In the future they may be used for notifications, password resets, or other uses. All uses will be optional, and opt-in. This information is shared with no one, but stored indefinitely. You can edit/delete this information (and/or your account) at any time by signing in and visiting /users/edit.

Data Storage / Transmission

Data is stored on a single server and in backups only. It is transmitted when appropriate to users over secure HTTPS connections only. Currently, the only personal information stored is not served in any way.

Originally published May 26, 2018